Rooftop Walkway Solution for Barrel Roofs

Installation Details

Kee Safety’s Fall Protection Partner has recently installed our KEE WALK rooftop walkway system on several barrel roofs. The initial problem was roof access, for personnel and materials, to the roofs with an eaves angle of approx. 27 degrees. The KEE WALK steps were initially used to provide access from the eaves to higher levels of the roofs where the angle diminished and became walkable, in order to facilitate installation of PV panels using a wire system for fall protection by the PV contractor.

The KEE WALK system has been also installed using life line systems for fall protection with roof access via boom for personnel and scissor for materials. The simple installation procedure for the KEE WALK steps proved ideal solution for the difficult access situation.

Subsequent to the PV panel installation, the end user will also use the steps in conjunction with the wire system to access to the roofs for general maintenance and inspection.

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