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Internal Guardrails for Industrial Facilities

Internal Guardrails for Industrial Facilities

There are many situations in the industrial workplace where it is necessary to ensure that the workforce is “separated from hazards” for its own safety. Kee Safety specialises in providing guardrails and barriers that provide safe access to hazardous areas.

Guardrails made from fittings

Kee Safety guardrails are constructed using slip-on tubular fittings. Our railings are made from galvanised KEE KLAMP fittings or aluminium KEE LITE fittings and offer a highly cost effective and easy to use systems.

Guardrails are often powder coated, usually in the Safety Yellow colour, to provide additional visible demarcation.

Using fittings to construct guardrails and barriers has many advantages over traditional fabrication methods:

  • No welding so no requirement for Hot Works Permits
  • No need for cutting or threading tube on site
  • No specialised tools required for installation
  • No requirement for skilled labour
  • All tube and fittings can be powder coated

Guardrails and Safety Gates

Using Kee Safety self-closing safety gates adds another level of safety to the internal guardrails and barriers by providing safe access points to hazardous areas.

KEE GATE safety gates are tested in accordance with the EN 13374 Class A, EN ISO 14122 Part 3 & Part 4 and OSHA. The gates have passed reliability testing such as Salt Spray Testing to ensure the coating's performance and Life Cycle Testing which proved durability by withstanding 50,000 open and close cycles through 90 degrees. KEE GATE is quick and easy to install and can be adjusted to exactly fit the opening.

Examples of internal guardrails at industrial plants

Watch our presentation showing examples of internal guardrails, made from KEE KLAMP fittings, installed at industrial plants.