News / Permanent and foldable rooftop safety solutions for country house hotel

Permanent and foldable rooftop safety solutions for country house hotel

Permanent and foldable rooftop safety solutions for country house hotel

KEEGUARD and KEEGAURD Foldshield roof edge protection systems, manufactured and supplied by Kee Safety, have been installed at the Down Hall Country House Hotel in Essex. Our systems provide the hotel with a flexible and effective safety solution to enable routine roof maintenance to be carried out safely.

Down Hall Hotel is one of England's most established country house hotels. Located in Hatfield Heath, the venue has enhanced its leisure facilities by opening Eden Spa treatment rooms as part of £2.5 million investment. The engineers on this refurbishment project required a safe rooftop working area for the installation of new air conditioning units. By having these units located on the roof, maintenance teams will be regularly accessing the area; therefore it was important to have a permanent solution. The hotel required a system providing a safe access to a roof and at the same time did not want to disrupt the look and feel of the building by having a system on show. Kee Safety’s KEEGUARD and KEEGUARD Foldshield systems were ideal for this project. The KEEGUARD Foldshield system offers the flexibility as it can be folded down when work is not taking place.

“The aesthetics of the hotel building were obviously an important consideration on this project,” explains Down Hall Maintenance Manager, Bob Parker. “We were adamant that we wanted to minimise the impact of unsightly barriers when work was not being carried out on the roof.  We were impressed by the flexibility of products, particularly the KEEGUARD Foldshield system which allows it to be folded down when not in use.  While this was important for us, safety was always the key requirement on this project and we are pleased that we can now send our maintenance teams up to the roof, without any worry that their safety is at risk. We have complete confidence in the KEEGUARD products. “

Permanent Roof Edge Protection System

Compatible with a range of roof membranes, including concrete, asphalt, PVC membrane and felt, KEEGUARD offers a free-standing roof edge protection system capable of keeping workers on the roof safe without endangering the roof membrane itself. Employing a proven counterweight system, KEEGUARD combines a non-slip secure base with galvanised fittings and tube arranged in a modular configuration. Its modular structure means that the KEEGUARD system can be disassembled and moved if required for maintenance tasks, whilst sections can be added to or taken down for reconfiguration elsewhere. In addition, the system can be installed using only a standard hex key to lock the fittings securely into place, thereby eliminating the risks associated with ‘hot works’ as no welding, threading or bolting are required on site.

Permanent and Foldable Roof Edge Protection System

KEEGUARD Foldshield utilises a hinged version of the standard KEEGUARD system to solve the important issue of it being undesirable to have railings permanently visible on the roofline of a building. On top of all of the flexibility of the standard system, being able to accommodate changes in direction, continuous runs, corners and fixed ends, KEEGUARD Foldshield affords additional versatility. The KEEGUARD Foldshield guardrail can easily be lifted into place when work is in progress, before being rapidly folded back down when finished. The system can also be installed in 6m sections with ‘D’ returns to further enable it to be folded quickly and simply.

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