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Protect Workers from Hazards at Your Facility

Employees and Contractors Need a Safe Experience When Working At Your Facility

Safety Solutions for Facility Managers

Employees, contractors, and others that require access to your facilities must be provided with a safe environment. Facilities management must approve all applications prior to entry and has the authority to prohibit access if unsafe conditions exist. All persons requiring access to your rooftops must be fully trained and protected from hazards that facility rooftops pose. They must be authorised and have the supervisor approval before accessing the roof. Rooftop access doors and hatches should be locked when not in use to prevent access by those that do not have the required authorisation and training.
Safety Solutions For Facility Management

Safety Products For Facility Management


KeeGuard® Roof Guardrail

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Kee Walk® Rooftop Walkway

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roof step over | step over platforms | roof platforms | service stepovers | Kee Step

Kee Step® Rooftop Stepovers

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Mobile Work Platform

Mobile Kee Platform®

Mobile Kee Platform
Kee Gate Industrial Safety Gate

Kee Gate® Self Closing Gate

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Safety Railing System

Kee Klamp® Railing

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Facilities Management Industry Case Studies

    Survey Design And Installation


    Surveys, Design and Installation

    We offer full design and installation services that include a complete on-site survey. Our fall prevention experts can assess your workplace for hazards and create a system that’s secure, dependable and fully compliant with Work at Height Regulations and international safety standards.

    We also produce comprehensive CAD drawings to help you visualise the end result. With our detailed project outline, you can be confident that your project is professionally specified, and that all safety concerns and standards are addressed to your satisfaction.

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