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Fall Protection Solutions For The Solar Panel Industry

Protect your workers from falling at height when installing or maintaining solar panels

solar fall protection | rooftop walkway | safety equipment for solar maintenance

Keeping Everyone Safe

The world is rapidly moving towards increasing the use of sustainable, green power sources and, as a result, the solar panel industry has boomed over the past decade. Solar panel installation can be a great investment - both financially and for the environment. However, the installation process can be dangerous work.

Whether it’s your own employee doing the solar panel installation or an outside contractor performing routine maintenance tasks, certain precautions must be taken to help protect them from rooftop falls.


Solar Energy UK Member 1

Safety Is Paramount

Kee Safety Ltd. is a member of Solar Energy UK, the foremost solar trade body in the UK.

At Kee Safety, we are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Solar Energy UK and we can help both solar engineers and their clients make the installation and maintenance of rooftop solar photovoltaic systems safer.

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Fall Protection Systems For The Solar Energy Industry

solar fall protection | rooftop walkway | horizontal lifeline | safety equipment for solar maintenance

Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway

Rooftop walkways are installed to mitigate working at height hazards related to uneven surfaces, obstructions, and steep slopes on a rooftop. They provide a clear pathway for workers to move around and deliver secure access to solar panels.

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Skylight Fall Protection on the Roof With Solar Panels

Kee Cover Rooflight Fall Protection

Roof areas that contain rooflights or other fragile surfaces involve a risk of workers falling through the roof. All rooflights should be protected with rooflight covers during solar panel installation and maintenance.

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Horizontal lifeline on a metal roof | Kee Line Horizontal Lifeline | Fall Protection for solar installation

Kee Line Horizontal Lifeline

When installing or maintaining solar panels, workers may need to move around the roof, which increases the risk of falling. By using a horizontal lifeline system, workers can attach themselves to the lifeline and move along the roof safely, reducing the risk of falls and other accidents.

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Kee Guard edge proteion for metal roofs | fall protection for safe solar panel installation

Kee Guard Guardrails for Metal Roofs

Roof guardrails are some of the most efficient fall protection systems you can put in place to keep workers safe. They require no user training and are extremely resistant to both weather and time when installed properly. Roof railings will keep your operatives safe when installing and maintaining solar panels.

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Kee Guard guardrail for roofs with limited space | roof edge protection for safe solar panel maintenance

Kee Guard Guardrails For Roofs with Limited Space

On roofs with limited space it is still possible to install freestanding edge protection. We offer a system that does not require counterweights along the full run of the system. It provides the ideal solution for roofs with limited space such as those where solar panels have been installed.

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Kee Guard freestanding roof edge protection | fall ptection for safe solar panels maintenance

Kee Guard Free Standing Roof Edge Protection

Where the layout of the roof permits, freestanding roof edge protection is one of the most efficient fall protection solutions you can put in place to keep workers safe. They do not penetrate the roof membrane and ensure the safety of anyone who has to access the roof.

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Kee Guard for metal roofs | Kee Guard fall protection for solar installers

Case Study

Fall Protection for SnowDome Solar Panel Installation

Kee Safety's roof edge fall protection system ensured the safety of the solar panel installation team working on the SnowDome roof.

The implementation of the Kee Guard roof guardrail successfully addressed SnowDome's safety needs for the solar panel installation project. The collaboration between Kee Safety and their Fall Protection Partner resulted in a seamless installation process. The Kee Guard system not only provided immediate safety benefits but also offered long-term reliability and durability.

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Fall Protection Solutions For Solar Panels Installation & Maintenance

Roof Walkway With Guardrails Edge Protection Solar Panels

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