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Lifelines & Anchors

Choose from our selection of Horizontal Lifeline Systems, and Anchors that can be used in situations where collective protection is not available. Our systems offer safety professionals the necessary flexibility to create fall-protection solutions in the absence of guardrails along the rooftop perimeter. Kee Safety's engineered lifelines can be used for fall arrest and fall restraint protection when attached to portable weighted anchors and safety eyebolts.

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15 Feb 2023

What is the Difference Between Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest?

Fall restraint. Fall arrest. The two are often confused—and there are similarities—but they are not the same. Generally, it is a matter of fall prevention vs. fall protection. Yet, those terms apply to a range of safety systems and products. The differences between fall restraint and fall arrest are specific and critical to employers looking to protect their employees working at height.

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection | fall arrest | fall restraint | collective fall protection | working at height

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection

A truly comprehensive rooftop safety solution follows the Hierarchy of Fall Protection. An expert starts by inspecting the roof site for potential fall hazards. From there, a complete system solution and recommendations are created that descend down the four levels of the hierarchy, from simple, sensible approaches for eliminating risks all the way down to lifesaving personal protection systems. 

Collective Fall Protection Systems require no additional training to use. Work Restraint and Fall Arrest Systems both require a high level of user competency, training and additional inspection to be used properly. 

Hierarchy of Control Guide

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