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Roof Guardrail System

The most comprehensive range of safety systems

We are committed to developing solutions that provide the highest level of safety. Our products are used to protect people in a growing number of applications and countries around the globe.

Kee Safety products are not only designed using high quality materials, they also comply with relevant British and international standards. Our trained industry specialists can assist from concept to project completion.

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Accessibility, safety and industrial barrier solutions tailored to your specific needs


Our products meet the strictest standards and safety rules in the world


A wide range of fall protection systems that can be used on most modern roofs


Consulting, design and installation services

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All products are tested in our dedicated Technical Center

Obstacles and Trip Hazards on Roofs | stepover platforms | roof safety systems

We can help you assess all your rooftop hazards

We don't just focus on products.  We deliver solutions.  Our team is trained to spot hazards and develop a full plan for protecting your rooftop. 

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