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Kee Klamp Slope Fittings Video

Kee Klamp Slope Fittings Video

Kee Safety has recently launched a new range of Kee Klamp slope fittings, designed to enhance the existing slope fittings range and to improve construction of handrails on staircases and slopes, particularly on angles between 11° and 45°.

New Kee Klamp Video

Watch our new animated video showing how much quicker and easier is to build a handrail on stairs and slopes using the new Kee Klamp slope fittings.

Kee Klamp Slope Fittings

You can now use a single fitting where previously a combination was required. Not only does this improve the aesthetics of the finished handrails but it also allows for a quicker and easier installation, saving time and money.

  • New fittings are now in stock
  • Available in size 7 and size 8 (outer diameter 42.4mm and 48.3 mm)
  • Adjustable fittings allow for on-site angle variations
  • Using single fittings, rather than pairs, speeds up installation times
  • Superior aesthetics

More information about new fittings is available on the KEE KLAMP product page and in the KEE KLAMP Online Catalogue.