News / Kee Safety Handrails Provide Safe Access at the University of Brighton

Kee Safety Handrails Provide Safe Access at the University of Brighton

Kee Safety Handrails Provide Safe Access at the University of Brighton

KEE ACCESS and KEE KLAMP railing systems have been installed at the University of Brighton, to provide the Falmer campus with DDA compliant handrails that ensure the safety of teachers, students and visitors.

Situated in convenient proximity to Brighton city centre and overlooking the Sussex countryside, the University of Brighton Falmer Campus is home to around 5,000 students.  In 2014, the University began the project to provide temporary accommodation on the site of a recently-demolished building into new student teaching facilities which would incorporate seminar rooms, open plan offices and meeting rooms.  As part of the project, it was important to include a handrail system which complied with DDA regulations to provide convenient ramped access to the new building’s facilities. Kent-based contractor, Camier Groundwork Ltd specified KEE ACCESS and KEE KLAMP railing systems.  

“Both Kee Access® and Kee Klamp® are high quality products, and would meet the demand for a DDA compliance system. We found the Kee Klamp® and Kee Access® easy to install and will definitely be using them on future projects.”

A KEE ACCESS handrail system has been installed up the ramp, which had been power coated in dark blue. The handrail system needed to stand out from the yellow stock brick wall capping, the grey bar face paving on the landings and the black tarmac on the ramp itself. The powder coating also ensures that the handrails are not ‘cold to touch,’ thus adhering to DDA requirements.  After the KEE ACCESS handrails were installed, galvanised KEE KLAMP railings were installed to the perimeter of the site to replace the hoarding.

Kee Access Handrail System

KEE ACCESS range of fittings allows construction of handrails compliant with legislation covering disabled access, incorporating a total of nineteen special fittings and supplied with versatility, ease and speed of installation in mind. These fittings are ideal as a retrofit solution, because the range includes an “Add-on” offset fitting to allow a new handrail to be added onto an existing structure of appropriate size. The KEE ACCESS range can be easily augmented with components from the established KEE KLAMP range to create a complete, cost-effective answer to the requirements of Building Regulations Part M. 

Kee Klamp Railing System

KEE KLAMP components are versatile and suitable for use in a variety of areas where tubular structures or barriers are required. The off-the-shelf product range is one of the largest on the market, providing fittings for every possible application.  All fittings are available with a combination of protective coatings applied to achieve a longer life and a better corrosion resistance. This is vital for structures in areas which may be prone to a high level of weathering or rusting, and structures which are in difficult places to access and work on.

KEE KLAMP components can be installed using a standard hex key with each fitting incorporating an integral set screw to lock the respective fitting safely and securely onto the tube. Not only does this method create a strong, stable and safe guard rail structure, it also eliminates the need for time-consuming welding or specialist skills.