News / Walk safely at the Lancasters with Kee Safety

Walk safely at the Lancasters with Kee Safety

Walk safely at the Lancasters with Kee Safety

Kee Safety’s fall protection product, KEE WALK was installed at a high profile refurbishment project in the heart of London.  The Lancasters required a permanent roof top safety solution to support those accessing the roof, and which would be unobtrusive to the overall design.

Formerly fifteen houses and a hotel, the Lancasters property has been transformed into seventy seven high end luxury apartments. The dilapidated building underwent a complete refurbishment to recreate its former grandeur.  Whilst the façade remained in place, the interior was demolished and completely rebuilt to create a property which encompasses traditional architecture with brand new design and construction. With a new roof in place, the building required a safety solution to allow access to the rooftop. Property management company, Acescott Management Services, was contracted to specify and install a suitable system.

“With such a clear emphasis on aesthetics for this prestigious project, we wanted to specify a safe and reliable system which would not detract from the overall appearance” says Adrian Dye, Divisional Manager at Acescott Management Services.  KEE WALK was new to the market at the time, but having worked with Kee Safety previously, we were confident the product would match up to the quality of its other fall protection systems.  Having completed the project, we would definitely specify with KEE WALK again as it allowed us to meet the specification correctly, as well as being a cost effective and easy to install product.”

KEE WALK is an off-the-shelf, modular system which can be adapted to a wide range of different roof types, pitches and configurations.  Acescott Management Services were impressed with the system due to the ease and speed of installation. The team successfully installed eight runs in less than two days.  Another key feature which was highlighted on this project is the ability to adjust the system on site.

Providing a level, anti-slip walking surface, KEE WALK modules can be easily connected together to form a clear demarcation route. This ensures that the roof is protected from unnecessary damage with the pedestrian weight uniformly loaded across the surface of the walkway.  KEE WALK is ideally suited to flat, barrel and sloping surfaces. KEE WALK is supplied in standard modules, which can be supplied ex-stock for rapid installation on virtually any rooftop project. The modules are supplied as 1.5m and 3m pre-assembled sections to suit the requirements of different roofs.