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Manufacturing Plant 1

A Customised Work Platform For a Manufacturing Facility

Installation Details

Kee Safety was able to provide a powerful safe access solution for the maintenance of an automated upright welder in a client’s manufacturing facility.

The Problem

The client’s fabrication facility had recently undergone a massive refurbishment and modernisation project where several new pieces of large industrial welding equipment were installed. One of these machines was an upright automated welder which would allow for the rapid fabrication of metal guardrail uprights.

Although this machine increased efficiency and the quality of the final product, the positioning of the weld sets on the top of the welder required machine maintenance to be done at height, making access time-consuming and potentially hazardous to workers.

An access solution was needed to mitigate the danger posed and make maintenance safer.

The Solution

We worked closely with the client to find the best solution for their needs. An initial survey was carried out, and it was identified that a bespoke mobile work platform made from Kee Safety's modular fittings would be the most effective solution to the problem.

Our bespoke mobile work platforms are designed to make access for work at height safe and efficient. Custom-designed for every client, our platforms ensure work can be carried out with a system that fits seamlessly - and safely - into any situation.

All our work platforms are exhaustively tested to guarantee safety, and are compliant to EN: 14122 part 1 – 4 Safety of machinery – Permanent means of access to machinery, EN 1004:2004 Mobile access and working towers made of prefabricated elements, and EN 5395: Part 3: 1985 Stairs, ladders and walkways.

Bespoke Mobile Work Platform
We designed the work platform using modular and lightweight aluminium Kee Lite fittings, as well as non-slip nylon threads and aluminium toe-boards. This guaranteed a safe and effective system that was also extremely lightweight.

The Result

The bespoke mobile work platform met all of the client’s needs and made maintaining and servicing their new machine safe and easy.

Our solution removed the need to use potentially dangerous ladders entirely, with a collective system that requires no special training for safe usage. The platform can be moved into place easily due to its lightweight and bespoke design.

Perhaps most importantly, the implementation of an effective, custom-made safe access solution sends a powerful message to staff that the company cares about their safety, contributing to a healthier safety culture.

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