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Kee Klamp Safety Solution For The Basketball Court In Canary Wharf

The Project

Our customer, a group of sports enthusiasts who supply bespoke basketball courts and dunk-proof hoops across the UK, was approached by both Canary Wharf and an international sports footwear and apparel company to design a temporary 3D-printed basketball court for local use.

The court itself is made from polypropylene and a third of the size of a regulation basketball court. It was also designed to have a nylon netting around the edge to retain the balls, and our client approached us seeking a suitable structure to support both the netting and sound system while still allowing access into the court itself.


Kee Klamp railing
OnCourt contacted Kee Safety as they were looking for alternative ways of creating fencing for their sports courts.

The Solution

We worked closely with the client and Canary Wharf’s structural engineers to identify and design a system that could perform the required task while resisting calculating wind loadings of the area.

A bespoke structure was designed and built using Kee Klamp hot-dip galvanised iron fittings, which would support the nylon netting and sound systems under regular use. We also supplied two full-height self closing gates to allow for safe access into the court.

By using Kee Klamp modular fittings, the system was not only incredibly safe and effective but could also be installed by the client without the use of specialist tools. Nevertheless, a qualified Kee Safety engineer was on-site to ensure the build was completed successfully and to the agreed design proposal.

OnCourt will continue to work with Kee Safety again on future projects.

The Result

We were able to design and supply a simple yet effective solution to benefit what is a unique and fantastic project. As you can see in the pictures, the Kee Klamp structure ensures the nylon netting remains in place and retains the balls within the court.

As part of our ongoing dedication to safety and client peace of mind, we continued to collaborate with the client to guarantee a rapid response and solution should they have any further questions.


Kee Klamp® Creates Superior Safety Railings

Our steel fittings are hot-dipped galvanised so every connection remains solid and lasts for decades. All fittings go through a rigorous quality control processes that includes detailed inspections through the manufacturing process. The result is incredible longevity and strength.
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