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Kee Cover Case Study

Safeguarding SnowDome: A Skylight Protection Success Story

In the heart of the West Midlands, SnowDome, the renowned indoor snow skiing and snowboarding centre with its extensive amenities, embarked on an ambitious project to install a state-of-the-art solar array. However, an essential aspect of this venture was ensuring the utmost safety for the workers involved, particularly concerning the potential hazard presented by fragile rooflights.

The Challenge

Our client, an approved fall protection partner specialising in the installation of PV solar panels across the UK, was tasked with this significant project for SnowDome. Amidst their planning, a critical risk assessment identified a pressing concern – the threat posed by potentially fragile rooflights. It was imperative to address this issue head-on to prevent any accidents and ensure a safe working environment for solar installation and maintenance.

The Solution: Kee Cover

Kee Safety, with a legacy stretching back to 1934 and renowned for its pioneering Kee Klamp products, recommended its Kee Cover products for SnowDome’s needs.

Rooflight fall protection for safe solar installation
Enter Kee Safety’s Kee Cover – a robust, reliable solution designed to offer uncompromised protection against the risks associated with skylights and rooflights.

Made from premium Kee Klamp fittings, the Kee Cover products offered not just quality skylight protection but were engineered to meet relevant standards and built to last, addressing the key concerns highlighted by our fall protection partner.


The General Manager of Kee Safety personally attended the site to conduct a comprehensive survey, meticulously ensuring that each aspect of the project's needs was accounted for. This hands-on approach facilitated a seamless design and proposal process, culminating in providing Kee Cover products in kit form, which greatly simplified transportation to the roof.


The installation process was designed to be as efficient and straightforward as possible. Shipped directly in kit form, the components were quickly transported to the roof, ensuring minimal hassle and avoiding the need for specialised lifting equipment. The modular nature of Kee Cover systems allowed for easy selection and assembly on-site, with pre-cut tubes and minimal tool requirements speeding up the process and saving both time and resources.

Installing Kee Cover Rooflight Cover
Installating the Kee Cover system

The Outcome

Kee Safety's Kee Cover system represents more than just a product; it's a testament to the company's commitment to safety and quality. For SnowDome, the installation of Kee Cover has not only mitigated a significant risk but also bolstered its reputation as a responsible and safety-conscious operator.

Compliance and Safety

Complying with standards such as BS 1873 and the ACR(M)001-2019 from the ACR Red Book, Kee Cover units provide collective protection for all future roof users. Unlike solutions relying solely on horizontal lifelines, Kee Cover prevents falls through rooflights, avoiding potential injuries and also ensuring protection for anyone working inside the building. 

Who Are Kee Safety?

Kee Safety stands as a beacon of excellence in providing safe access solutions. With a history of innovation dating back to 1934, our products, including Kee Dome, Kee Guard, and more, offer comprehensive safety solutions for people working at height. Our commitment to quality, rapid supply, and unbeatable customer service ensures that projects like SnowDome's not only meet but exceed safety expectations.

For those in the solar industry or any organisation seeking to ensure the highest safety standards for rooftop work, Kee Safety offers the expertise, products, and services to make every project successful. Protecting workers, enhancing safety, and facilitating sustainable solutions – that's the Kee Safety promise.

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Safety Is Paramount

At Kee Safety, we are committed to separating people from hazards. We can help both solar engineers and their clients make the installation and maintenance of rooftop solar photovoltaic systems safer.

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Ready to Enhance Your Project's Safety?

At Kee Safety, we are committed to separating people from hazards. Contact our team today for unmatched customer service and rapid supply.  

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