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Engineers installing solar panels on the roof

Enhancing Roof Safety for Solar Installation and Maintenance with Kee Safety Products

Installing solar panels on rooftops is a significant step towards renewable energy, but it has its own safety challenges. Solar panel systems, which include the panels and the necessary infrastructure, need to be installed and maintained with utmost care to ensure roof safety. Ensuring that workers can install and maintain these systems safely is crucial. Kee Safety’s range of products addresses these challenges, ensuring safe access and working conditions on rooftops, whether flat or sloping.

Kee Guard for metal roofs and solar panels
Kee Guard system providing edge protection for solar panel installation on a commercial rooftop

Safe System of Work

Workers require a safe system of work to complete solar installations. Traditionally, scaffolding has been used to keep roof workers safe while working at height. However, erecting and dismantling scaffolding repeatedly can be time-consuming and costly. A more permanent and often better value solution is installing a collective edge protection system. These systems not only provide safety during solar installations but also facilitate other roof works, including HVAC maintenance, aerial installations, and water tank services.


Kee Guard System

The Kee Guard system is an exceptional solution available in both steel and aluminium variants. Roof edges occur frequently in both commercial and domestic projects, making edge protection crucial to prevent injuries and fatalities. It can be either free-standing or fixed, depending on the roof type. Kee Safety ensures that all their free-standing edge protection systems comply with the latest BS 13700 standards, providing detailed calculations to accompany installations. One major advantage of Kee Guard is that no training is required to use these systems, making them user-friendly and accessible.

Kee Walk Roof Walkway Systems for Flat Roofs

For safe egress around flat roofs, Kee Walk systems are ideal. These walkways provide a stable and secure path for workers, ensuring safety on sloping roofs or uneven surfaces. Like the Kee Guard system, no training is required for installation and use of Kee Walk, simplifying the process significantly. Kee Walk is particularly beneficial for solar panel maintenance, ensuring safe and efficient access to all areas of the roof.

Kee Walk rooftop walkway for safe solar panel maintenance
Kee Walk roof walkway system installed on a flat roof for safe solar panel maintenance

Kee Cover for Fragile Roof Surfaces

Fragile roof surfaces, including roof lights, present hidden dangers, often going unnoticed until it’s too late. Kee Cover products protect against these hazards by covering rooflights and preventing accidents. In cases where a horizontal lifeline (HLL) is already in place, Kee Cover ensures additional safety by preventing falls through the rooflights. No training is required for these installations.

Kee Cover skylight protection for safe solar panels maintenance
Kee Cover fragile rooflight covers installed on a roof for safe solar panel maintenance

Kee Anchor and Kee Line Systems

For temporary safe access, Kee Anchor devices offer a secure solution, providing safe access in a singular location without roof penetration, thus reducing the risk of leaks. No training is required for these devices.

For more extensive work, the Kee Line horizontal lifeline system supports up to four workers, facilitating the easy installation, cleaning, and maintenance of solar panels. Training is required for using Kee Line, ensuring that workers are fully equipped to operate the system safely.

Kee Line horizontal lifeline system installed on a rooftop for solar panel maintenance
Kee Line horizontal lifeline system installed on a rooftop for safe solar panel maintenance

Additional Products for Solar Panel Installation

Kee Safety also offers a range of other safety products, including properly secured ladders, roof access hatches, step-over platforms, access hatch guardrails, and safety gates. Proper training and the use of appropriate safety equipment are crucial to prevent accidents, especially when working on fragile roofs. These products further enhance the safety and accessibility of rooftop workspaces, making it easier to maintain solar panels and other equipment.

Case Studies

JV Price Oldbury - Kee Walk

JV Price Snowdome Kee Guard For Metal Roofs

Kee Guard edge protection for metal roofs
Kee Guard system for metal rooftop solar installation

Evo Energy, Kee Line and Kee Guard systems

Take Action Today!

Kee Safety’s comprehensive range of products offers robust solutions for maintaining safety on rooftops during solar installation and maintenance. By opting for permanent safety systems like Kee Guard and Kee Walk, or temporary solutions like Kee Anchor, businesses can ensure a safer working environment, reducing risks and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, these solutions help reduce reliance on the traditional energy supplier by facilitating the creation of renewable energy sources.

Don't leave your rooftop projects to chance. Ensure the safety and efficiency of your installations with Kee Safety's industry-leading products. Our expert team is ready to help you design the perfect safety system tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with solar panel installations or general roof maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

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Solar Installation and Maintenance with Kee Safety Products FAQs

1. How can Kee Safety products improve the safety of solar installation and maintenance? 

Kee Safety offers a range of products designed to enhance the safety of solar installation and maintenance. Systems like Kee Guard and Kee Walk provide secure access and protection for workers installing and maintaining solar panels. These systems are easy to install and require no specialised training, ensuring a safer working environment while reducing installation costs and risks.

2. What are the benefits of using Kee Walk systems for solar panel maintenance? 

Walk systems provide a stable and secure walkway on rooftops, making it safer for workers to access and maintain solar panels. These walkways are particularly useful on sloped or uneven surfaces, ensuring safety during installation and routine maintenance. By using Kee Walk, you can reduce the risk of slips and falls, contributing to a safer work environment and ensuring your solar panels remain in optimal condition.

3. Why should I consider Kee Cover for my solar panel system? 

Fragile rooflights can be a hidden hazard during solar panel installation and maintenance. Kee Cover products protect against this risk by covering rooflights, preventing accidents and ensuring worker safety. This is especially important when combined with horizontal lifelines, as it adds an extra layer of protection against falls through rooflights, crucial during solar system maintenance.

4. How does the Kee Guard system compare to traditional scaffolding for solar installations? 

The Kee Guard system offers a more permanent and cost-effective solution compared to traditional scaffolding. While scaffolding requires repeated setup and dismantling, Kee Guard provides ongoing protection, facilitating not just the installation but also the regular maintenance of solar panels. This system can be either free-standing or fixed, depending on your roof type. Additionally, Kee Guard complies with the latest BS 13700 standards, ensuring high safety and reliability.

5. Can Kee Safety products be used for temporary solar panel installations? 

Yes, Kee Safety offers temporary solutions like the Kee Anchor system, which provides safe access without penetrating the roof. This is ideal for temporary installations or situations where permanent systems are not feasible. Kee Anchor and the Kee Line horizontal lifeline system allow workers to install, clean, and maintain solar panels safely and efficiently, ensuring the system's efficiency and peak performance.

6. How can Kee Safety products help reduce overall installation costs for solar panels? 

By using Kee Safety's permanent solutions, like Kee Guard and Kee Walk, you can avoid the repeated costs associated with erecting and dismantling scaffolding. These systems provide long-term safety and reduce the need for additional training, thereby lowering labour costs. Additionally, Kee Safety’s products are designed to be durable and require minimal maintenance, further contributing to cost savings over time.


For more detailed information or to discuss your specific project requirements, contact Kee Safety today. Fill the contact form or call us at +44 (0) 1384 632 188. Let's work together to make your rooftop a safer place!