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Enhancing Rooftop Safety: The Importance of a Reliable Edge Protection System

Adhering to regulations for working at heights cannot be overstated in the construction and facility maintenance sectors. Installing a robust edge protection system on rooftops and structures is not merely a measure of regulatory compliance; it is a crucial investment in site safety and the well-being of personnel. The Kee Guard® Roof Top Guardrail system is the pinnacle of reliability and efficiency in this domain, offering unmatched protection against falls from heights.

edge protection system | Kee Guard | roof top guardrails

A Comprehensive Solution for Rooftop Safety

Kee Guard® is at the forefront of modular system designs, meticulously engineered to provide permanent edge protection for various rooftop configurations. This system is indispensable for areas that necessitate regular access for maintenance and inspection, ensuring that workers are safeguarded against the inherent risks of working at height.

Kee Guard | edge protection system | roof top guardrails

Tailored to Meet Diverse Requirements

The versatility of the Kee Guard system caters to an extensive range of roofing types, from flat roofs to standing seam roofs, ensuring protection against falling debris and other hazards. Its adaptability makes it an ideal solution for new constructions and retrofitting older buildings. Moreover, its modular system facilitates on-site customisation, thereby precisely accommodating specific project needs.

edge protection system | roof edge protection | guardrails on metal roof

Specialised Systems for Every Scenario

Kee Guard® acknowledges the unique challenges posed by different roofing materials and surfaces, offering tailored solutions such as:

  • Free-standing Edge Protection: A system that uses counter-balanced weights and does not penetrate the roof membrane.
  • Guardrail for Metal Roofs: Catering specifically to the nuances of metal profile roofing systems.
  • Railing For Roofs With Limited Space: A versatile system for limited-space roofs, enhancing site safety.
  • Folding Guardrail: Providing temporary edge protection that can be easily deployed or retracted.
  • Rooftop Guardrail for Ladder Access Points: Ensuring safe ingress and egress at critical access points.

Prioritising the Hierarchy of Control Measures

Following the hierarchy of control measures is imperative for work-at-height safety. Kee Guard® offers a passive fall protection system that aligns with the top tier of this hierarchy, offering edge protection solutions without compromising the integrity of the roof membrane.

KS KGU 1777 Medium

Durability and Ease of Installation

A galvanised finish enhances Kee Guard's durability, and it can be strengthened even more by powder-coating, ensuring long-term reliability with minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, the system's ease of installation, requiring only basic tools, signifies that enhancing workplace safety does not necessitate extensive downtime or specialised training.

Kee Guard | edge protection system| roof safety system

Adherence to International Safety Standards

The Kee Guard system rigorously complies with the world's most stringent safety standards for edge protection systems, demonstrating a commitment to the highest level of safety for individuals working at height.

Regular Inspections and Recertification: A Must

Just as water-tight risk assessments form the cornerstone components of an effective Health & Safety framework, regular inspections and recertification of the Kee Guard system play a important role in maintaining its efficacy. These processes are critical measures that can mean the difference between life and death.

Kee Safety installing Kee Guard | Kee Safety installing edge protection system

Kee Safety: Your Partner in Height Safety

Kee Safety operates one of the world's leading test and training centres, ensuring that Kee Guard meets the evolving needs of its customers while driving innovation in the field of fall protection. This commitment to excellence positions Kee Guard as a reliable edge protection solution and a partner in fostering a safer working environment at height.

Conclusion: Elevating Workplace Safety

The installation of Kee Guard® Roof Top Guardrail system is a testament to an organisation's commitment to safety. It is an investment that underscores the value placed on human life and well-being. In embracing Kee Guard, businesses not only comply with stringent safety regulations but also demonstrate a proactive stance towards mitigating the risks associated with working at height. Thus, enhancing rooftop safety through a reliable edge protection system is not just a regulatory necessity; it is a moral imperative, ensuring that every worker returns home safely at the end of the day.

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