News / KeeGuard roof edge protection shortlisted for Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Awards

KeeGuard roof edge protection shortlisted for Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Awards

KeeGuard roof edge protection shortlisted for Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Awards

We are pleased to announce that Kee Safety’s KEEGUARD roof edge protection system has been shortlisted as a Top 50 finalist in the Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Awards 2019.



KEEGUARD Roof Edge Protection Range

The KEEGUARD range of roof top guardrail systems has been designed to provide roof edge protection for areas where regular access for maintenance and inspection is required.

If a property is one where regular access to the roof is a necessity, collective fall protection systems such as roof top guardrails, should be installed. Collective measures are preferred as they prevent several people from falling at the same time and do not require specific user knowledge, which means training and supervision is not essential.

KEEGUARD is an adaptable collective fall protection system and it offers several different options designed for various roof types.

All KEEGUARD systems have been tested and comply with EN 13374 Class A and EN ISO 14122 Part 3, and OSHA.

Free Standing Roof Top Guardrails


Kee Safety’s free standing KEEGUARD roof edge protection do not penetrate the roof membrane. The system is based on a simple cantilevered design which provides unrivalled strength, stability and safety, and overcomes the problem of having to drill and puncture the roof membrane, which can lead to potential water damage and noise disturbance during installation.

The modular design of the KEEGUARD system allows for easy reconfiguration on-site if necessary, and the system is suitable for use on concrete, asphalt, PVC membrane and felt roof surfaces, up to a 10° pitch.

Free Standing Folding Roof Edge Protection


For areas where a more discreet form of collective fall protection is required, Kee Safety offers KEEGUARD Foldshield - a collapsible version of our free standing roof edge protection system.

KEEGUARD Foldshield features the same benefits as standard KEEGUARD, however the system’s unique hinged base foot allows it to be set vertically at 90º and then folded down flat onto the roof when no longer required.

Free Standing Aluminium Roof Edge Protection


For harsh environments Kee Safety can provide KEEGUARD Lite - a free standing aluminium roof top guardrails. This system can also be used in situations when aesthetics is important.

KEEGUARD Lite incorporates aluminium uprights and tube; and maintains its stability by using a steel base fitting, steel counterbalance arm and a 25Kg weight. As this is a free standing system, it does not require any physical fixing into the roof’s structure / membrane.

Portable Roof Edge Protection


If the space on the roof is limited, e.g. on roofs where solar panels have been installed, KEEGUARD Premium can provide an innovative and unrivalled approach to roof top guardrail systems. Designed as a modular free standing system, a key benefit of KEEGUARD PREMIUM is that it does not require counter weights along the full run of the system.

KEEGUARD Premium is suitable for both temporary and permanent edge protection applications on roofs of up to 10° pitch. The system features unique 2-part interlocking recycled PVC base weights which have been designed for ease of manual handling. The weights can be split in two to allow a single person to carry them safely, or they can be carried completely assembled by two people using the specially designed moulded handle.

Roof Top Guardrails for Cladded Roofs


Our KEEGUARD Topfix provides collective roof edge protection specifically designed for metal profile and standing seam roofs up to 45°.

The roof top guardrail system is available in galvanised steel and aluminium finish and comprises a specially designed powder coated base plate, with multiple fixing centres, enabling the systems to be installed on a wide variety of roofs.

KEEGUARD Topfix is an off-the-shelf product, removing the need to fabricate a different solution for each site.

Quick and Easy Installation

All options of the KEEGUARD system are supplied in a modular kit format, with a minimum number of assemblies, so they are quick and easy to install.

KEEGUARD uprights are supplied pre-assembled and our original ‘cup’ fitting means handrail can be quickly dropped into place rather than feeding the tube through a closed fitting.

Joints and changes in direction and level are easily achieved using our slip-on tube fittings, allowing easy accommodation of obstacles that weren’t expected or noticed during a site survey.

All KEEGAURD systems can be easily modified, added to or repaired on-site.

For more information on Kee Safety’s KEEGUARD roof top guardrails please brose the Fall Protection product category page.

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