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KeeGuard Roof Top Guardrails

KeeGuard Roof Top Guardrails

Are you aware that if you are a property owner, health and safety or facilities manager, or anyone else in control of the work on roofs, it is your responsibility to make sure appropriate safety measures are put in place to enable work at height be carried out safely?

If your property is one where regular access to the roof is a necessity, collective fall protection systems such as roof top guardrails, should be installed. Collective measures are preferred as they prevent several people from falling at the same time and do not require specific user knowledge, which means training and supervision is not essential.

Roof top guardrails are a popular, preferred collective solution for preventing falls from hazards not only at roof edges but around fragile roof surfaces and roof openings. In this article, we look at why KEEGUARD is the popular choice for building custodians, installers and maintenance staff worldwide.

KEEGUARD Roof Edge Protection

For anyone who specifies or requires fall protection, including building owners, facilities managers, architects, designers or contractors, a compliant, tested, widely used, continuous, adaptable system for multiple roof types and scenarios is essential.

KEEGUARD roof edge protection is designed, tested and installed to international standards including OSHA, ANSI, Canadian, British and European regulations, and is used throughout the world. Since the launch in the 1990’s KEEGUARD roof top guardrails have been continually refined and developed to introduce new features such as the use of recycled PVC counterweights and to comply with the latest National Standards.

Quick and Easy to Install System

Specifiers may not pay too much attention to how quick and how easy a system is to install, but quick and easy system passes on savings in regard to labour cost and a system that is modular, within manual handling requirements means that installation is safer and lifting equipment doesn’t always need to be provided to access a roof.

For installation staff, whether that be a specialist provider or a company’s own facilities or maintenance team, the whole system is fitted using standard tools, requires no threading or bending and avoids the need for ‘hot works’ like welding. KEEGUARD uprights are supplied pre-assembled, our original ‘cup’ fitting means handrail is quickly dropped into place rather than feeding the tube through a closed fitting. Joints and changes in direction and level are easily achieved using the original KEE KLAMP slip on tube fitting, allowing easy accommodation of obstacles that weren’t expected or noticed during a site survey. The system can be easily modified, added to or repaired without affecting the high corrosion protection hot dip galvanising provides.

Users, such as maintenance staff, accessing the roof where KEEGUARD guardrails were installed, can be confident that a compliant, continuous, low maintenance, long term solution is in place.

Adaptable Collective Protection for Various Roof Types

KEEGUARD roof edge protection is available in a range of versions for different roof types, meaning on some sites a system can run around an entire site even where later building extensions have used different roof types or where plant and equipment means placement of traditional counterweighted guardrail wouldn’t be practical. Below we look at the different versions of KEEGUARD, all which share the adaptability and configuration options and which compliments each other and the rest of the range of fall protection solutions available from Kee Safety.

KEEGUARD - Free Standing Roof Edge Protection

Our original counterweighted, non-penetrative free standing system can be used on any type of flat roof including asphalt, bitumen felt and single ply membrane. To minimise visual impact the system is able to be raked backwards up to 11 degrees as standard or a radiused version is available.




KEEGUARD Topfix - Roof Edge Protection on Standing Seam Roofs

KEEGUARD Topfix enables the easy installation of a preferred collective protection guardrail system where personal fall protection systems such as Horizontal Lifelines have deemed to be unsuitable, perhaps due to the task being carried out, the number of personnel required to access the roof or the regularity of the access required.  KEEGUARD Topfix shares many of the same features of the standard KEEGUARD but rather than the counterweight base, the ‘Topfix’ version uses an ‘off the shelf’ base plate compatible for most popular roof profiles. On metal profile roofs the base plate is fixed with fixings that ensure no water ingress and standing seam roofs non-penetrative clamps. The system is complimented by accessories such as a toeboard (or kicking plate) or roof top walkway to provide a level walking surface or safe designated route.

KEEGUARD Premium – Portable Free Standing Roof Edge Railing System

This is a non-counterweighted system, either used as a complete system or in conjunction with standard KEEGUARD. KEEGUARD Premium is often used where counterweights are unsuitable; for example, where solar panels are placed close to a roof edge or plant and equipment like ducting or HVAC units are in the way.

This version uses a recycled PVC base foot, it’s size (550mm x 550mm) and weight means no counterweight is required. The base is designed to be carried by two installers or alternatively can be easily split to allow carrying by a single person.


KEEGUARD Foldshield – Folding Free Standing Roof Edge Protection

This version of KEEGUARD system is often specified where a roof guardrail is needed to be available to allow for maintenance, but would be preferred to be out of sight when not in use. KEEGUARD Foldshield is a counterweighted solution that allows for sections to be folded down, again as a stand alone system or in conjunction with the other KEEGUARD solutions.




KEEGUARD Ladder Kit – The Safety Solution for Roof Top Ladder Access

KEEGUARD Ladder Kit is a 2-metre run of permanently fixed guardrail each side of an existing fixed ladder/cat ladder access point. The kit has been specifically designed to provide a “retro-fit” solution and incorporates a self-closing gate.

Kee Safety Fall Protection Solutions

The KEEGUARD range is part of a full portfolio of our fall protection solutions, many that compliment the KEEGUARD systems such as fixed guardrails, roof walkways, self-closing gates, step-overs and platforms. If you would like to know more information, require brochures, specifications or technical advice on KEEGUARD edge protection or any other of our products, please contact us. To see how te system works, you can watch the KEEGUARD video.


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