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Safety Solutions For The Global Water Industry

Safety Solutions For The Global Water Industry

Kee Safety has supplied safety solutions to many Sewage Treatment Plants, Pumping Stations, Petrochemical Plants and Desalination Plants around the World. For example at Sewage Treatment Plants in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, UAE; at the Psyttalia Waste Water Treatment Plant in Greece, at the Sea Desalination Water Plant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, at the A’Seeb Waste Water Project in Oman and at the Waste Water, Treatment Plant in Nova Sol, Poland to name just a few.

Waste and Water Treatment facilities require corrosion resistant, durable, heavy-duty solutions to withstand outdoor exposure and everyday use. Kee Safety products easily meet these requirements.

Safety Barrier Solutions For The Water Industry

Aluminium Guardrails at a Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant

Many areas on a Water Treatment Plant require guardrailing:

  • Aeration tanks
  • Sedimentation tanks
  • Sludge post-thickening storage tanks

Kee Safety barrier systems offer a cost effective alternative to traditional welded handrails. Our guardrails are quick and easy to design and install and very cost effective due to the modularity of their parts.

Slip-on fittings securely join standard sizes of structural tube into almost any configuration imaginable, utilising the widest range of fittings available on the market today.

Installing barriers using modular components is quicker and more flexible than fabricated systems. There is no need for detailed site surveys, a simple layout drawing showing where to place the uprights is all that is required before construction of the barrier can begin. Fittings can easily accommodate changes in level or direction, and meet virtually any design requirement.

Aluminum Guardrails at WWTP_ Radius Tank

Kee Safety supplies KEE KLAMP tubular fittings made from malleable iron and KEE LITE aluminium fittings, both types can be used in internal and external applications. An additional optional powder coating can be arranged or aluminium fittings and tube can be anodised to provide the extra corrosion protection needed in the harshest environments.

Fall Protection Solutions For The Water Industry

Roof top walkway_fall protection at the WWTP

In some areas of a Water Treatment Plant work at height equipment may be required. Kee Safety supplies a vast range of both Collective and Personal Fall Protection products designed to ensure a safe working environment.

We provide a range of guardrail products for use on either flat or profile roofs, guardrail for skylights, engineered lifeline systems, deadweight anchors and rooftop walkways.

Kee Klamp Barrier Systems At The Psyttalia WWTP

Kee Klamp Guardrails at the Psyttalia Waste Water Treatment Plant

The perfect showcase for the versatility of Kee Safety’s barrier systems is the Psyttalia Waste Water Treatment Plant – Europe’s biggest sewerage plant and one of the largest internationally.

Kee Safety Export, together with its local distributor, supplied a number of different types of KEE KLAMP fittings for this impressive installation. A major part of the plant’s construction has involved the creation of a series of aeration tanks, orthogonal, primary sedimentation tanks and sludge post-thickening storage tanks.

Over 22,000 metres of guardrailing were connected together by KEE KLAMP fittings, ensuring optimum safety and secure handhold for treatment works employees tasked with maintaining and monitoring the plant.

The versatility of KEE KLAMP fittings also helped ensure that all the guardrailing could be cost-effectively assembled in double-quick time and with the minimum of installation difficulty.

To learn more about Kee Safety's solutions for the water industry please download our brochure. You can also see examples of our project for the water and waste water industry on Installations pages (Water & Waste Water category).