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Perimeter Safety and Access Between Different Roof Heights

Alsecco - a provider of building facade materials, required perimeter roof protection to ensure worker safety during routine maintenance work.

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  • Perimeter roof protection was required to ensure worker safety during routine maintenance work.
  • Access to the roof was from an adjoining roof, that was at a different level, requiring a multi-level Kee Step Access Platform
  • We had the right fall protection solutions for the customer with our systems Kee Anchor/ Kee Step & Kee Guard
Alsecco ordered a Kee Anchor / Kee Step & Kee Guard combination


The customer was extremely pleased with the results.

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Stay anchored to safety

Kee Anchor® is a mobile, deadweight anchor device for use on roofs up to 5 degrees pitch, where the installation of collective protection or permanent anchor devices is not viable. Kee Anchor® uses a central pedestal which allows the attachment of a safety harness and lanyard and raises the height at which the arrest force is applied.
Kee Anchor