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Protecting HVAC Workers: The Ultimate Guide to Kee Safety’s Roof Safety Systems

In the HVAC industry, ensuring the safety of workers on rooftops is paramount. With the complex nature of air conditioning units and other rooftop equipment, it's crucial to have reliable roof safety systems in place. Kee Safety offers three standout products - Kee Step, Kee Guard and Kee Walk that provide comprehensive fall protection systems. This guide delves into these systems and how they protect HVAC workers from common rooftop hazards.

Kee Step system providing safe passage over rooftop obstacles

Understanding the Risks for HVAC Workers on Roofs

Rooftop work presents numerous dangers, especially for HVAC personnel who require access to high places frequently. Common hazards include falls from unprotected edges, slips due to wet or icy surfaces, and trips over equipment and obstacles. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height remain one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries. Thus, implementing robust fall protection systems is essential.

Introduction to Kee Safety's Roof Safety Systems

Kee Safety offers innovative solutions specifically designed to mitigate fall hazards and ensure safe access across various roof types. The Kee Step, Kee Guard, and Kee Walk systems can be integrated to create a seamless and comprehensive rooftop safety system.

Kee Step - Ensuring Safe Passage Over Rooftop Obstacles

Design and Functionality: Kee Step provides a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface, enabling workers to navigate over pipes, HVAC units, and other rooftop obstructions. Its modular design allows it to be customised to the specific needs of any rooftop, ensuring both flexibility and safety.

Kee Step roof stepover ensuring safe navigation over rooftop obstacles
Kee Step system ensuring safe navigation over rooftop obstacles

Installation: Kee Step is easy to install without the need for welding, making it a quick and efficient solution that minimises disruption.

Safety Standards: Compliant with BS EN 14122-3 and other relevant standards, Kee Step ensures high levels of safety and reliability.

Kee Guard - Reliable Fall Protection

Design and Functionality: Kee Guard offers a non-penetrative guardrail system that provides robust edge protection. Its versatile design makes it adaptable to various roof types, from flat to sloping surfaces.

Adaptability: The modular components of Kee Guard can be adjusted to fit around rooftop obstacles, ensuring continuous protection without compromising the roof’s integrity.

Benefits: Kee Guard is corrosion-resistant and durable, providing a long-term fall protection solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Kee Guard guardrail system installed for fall protection on a flat roof
Kee Guard guardrail system installed for fall protection on a flat roof

Kee Walk - Safe and Secure Walkways

Design and Functionality: Kee Walk features anti-slip surfaces and is designed to provide safe passage across all roof types, including pitched and standing seam roofs. Its UV-stable materials ensure longevity and performance in all weather conditions.

Versatility: The system can be installed on roofs with angles from 0 to 35 degrees, making it suitable for a wide range of building designs. It can also be combined with Kee Guard for enhanced fall protection.

Integration with Other Systems: Kee Walk can be seamlessly integrated with Kee Step and Kee Guard to create a comprehensive fall protection system, providing safe access and reducing fall hazards.

Kee Walk 2
Kee Walk rooftop walkway system


Implementing Kee Safety's roof safety systems is a crucial step in protecting HVAC workers from the inherent risks of rooftop work. Kee Step, Kee Guard, and Kee Walk provide comprehensive solutions that enhance safety, comply with stringent standards, and are easy to install. By integrating these systems, you can ensure that your personnel have safe access to all areas of the roof, reducing the risk of falls and improving overall safety.

Best Practices for Implementing Roof Safety Systems

Assessment: Start by assessing the specific hazards present on your rooftop. Identify areas that require fall protection and determine the most appropriate systems to use.

Installation Tips: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation to ensure maximum safety and compliance with safety standards. Consider consulting with Kee Safety experts for customised solutions.

Maintenance and Inspection: Regularly inspect and maintain your roof safety systems to ensure they remain effective. Routine checks can prevent potential failures and ensure continuous protection.

Installation of Kee Safety fall protection system for complete roof safety
Installation of Kee Safety fall protection system for complete roof safety

Secure Your HVAC Projects with Kee Safety's Superior Roof Systems

By choosing Kee Safety’s innovative protection systems, you’re not just investing in equipment; you’re investing in the wellbeing of your team. The modular, adaptable design of these systems means they can be tailored to fit any roof type, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compliance with international safety standards.


Ready to enhance the safety of your HVAC Projects?

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Ensure your team’s safety and compliance with industry standards. Reach out to Kee Safety now and secure your rooftop operations with the best in fall protection and safe access systems. Don't wait—take the first step towards a safer work environment today!

Kee Safety systems meet international safety standards for rooftop work
Kee Safety systems meet international safety standards for rooftop work

Protecting HVAC Workers: The Ultimate Guide to Kee Safety’s Roof Safety Systems FAQs


  1. What are the key benefits of Kee Safety’s rooftop safety systems for HVAC workers?
    Kee Safety’s rooftop safety systems, including Kee Step, Kee Guard, and Kee Walk, provide robust fall protection, safe access, and easy installation. These systems are specifically designed to prevent falls and ensure the safety of HVAC personnel working on various roof types and levels.
  2. How do Kee Safety’s systems integrate with existing rooftop equipment like air conditioning units?Kee Safety’s systems are modular and highly adaptable, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with existing rooftop equipment. Kee Step provides safe passage over obstacles, Kee Guard offers edge protection, and Kee Walk ensures safe and clear walkways around HVAC units and other equipment.
  3. Are Kee Safety’s roof safety systems compliant with international safety standards?
    Yes, Kee Safety’s roof safety systems comply with several international safety standards, including OSHA, EN 14122-3, and BS 13700:2021. These systems are designed to meet or exceed the required safety regulations, providing reliable protection for multiple personnel who require access to rooftops.
  4. Can Kee Safety’s systems be used as a temporary solution for roof safety?
    Yes, Kee Safety’s systems can be installed as both permanent and temporary solutions. Their modular design allows for quick installation and removal, making them ideal for temporary projects or ongoing maintenance tasks where regular access is required.
  5. How do Kee Safety’s systems help in fall prevention and fall arrest?
    Kee Safety’s systems, such as Kee Guard and Kee Walk, are designed to prevent falls by providing secure edge protection and safe walkways. Additionally, these systems can be integrated with personal fall protection and fall arrest systems, offering comprehensive protection for workers on the roof.
  6. Are Kee Safety’s roof safety systems suitable for all roof types and configurations?
    Absolutely. Kee Safety’s systems are versatile and can be customised to fit various roof types, including flat, sloped, and pitched roofs. Kee Walk can be adjusted for different roof angles, and Kee Step can navigate over obstructions, ensuring safe access across all configurations.