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Simple Compliant Safe Access Solutions

Simple Compliant Safe Access Solutions

Chains, bars and sliding link tubes have for many years been used to provide safe access to open voids on platforms, around industrial machinery or as part of demarcation routes in factories and warehouses. While these provide a simple safety solution it is reliant on the person remembering to replace the chain or bar once they’ve passed through.  If the safety component is not replaced the area will be left exposed, which could mean someone falling from a platform or gaining unauthorised access to a restricted area.

Self-Closing Safety Gates

Self-closing, spring loaded safety gates are a more reliable solution to these traditional procedures and are the preferred method of protection by the H&S authorities.  Self-closing gates automatically close behind the user; this overcomes the potential for human error and ensures that voids are not created when accessing a restricted area. 

Our Kee® Gate self-closing gate range meets the requirement EN 14122 Part 3 which requires gates on handrails to close automatically when released.

  • Spring loaded safety gates
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing structures
  • Galvanised or powder coated in safety yellow
  • Adjustable and reversible
  • Conform to EN 14122-3
  • CE marked
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Guardrail Kit for Ladder Access Points

When a roof is accessed by either a fixed or cat ladder, you must ensure that people are protected when stepping onto the roof. 

Our KeeGuard® Ladder Kit has been designed to provide a working at height safety solution that complies with EN 14122 Part 4.  This standard recommends that ‘to prevent falling through the access opening at arrival areas, the opening shall be provided with a gate.’  It also states that at drop edges of arrival areas, ‘a guardrail should be provided at least 1.5m either side of the ladder.’

To ensure it complies with the standard, KeeGuard® Ladder Kit is a 'retro-fit' access solution that fits to existing fixed ladder or cat ladders, providing 1.5m guardrailing on both sides of the ladder. Quick and easy to install, it simply clamps on to the existing fixed ladder, forming a continual link from the guardrail to the stringer.

  • Permanently fixed guardrail either side of an existing fixed ladder with a swing gate
  • Prevents falls down the side of the ladder
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing ladders
  • Conforms to EN 14122-4
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